Story of the World Student Pages, Vol. 3

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 Consumable sheets from the Activity Book for The Story of the World, Vol. 3.  So that you can do even more paper versions of the Crystal Palace.

This product is available as a shrink-wrapped packet of loose-leaf papers that are hole-punched and ready to go into any standard three-ring binder or as a downloadable PDF.
If you’ve already purchased the Activity Book, you’re free to make copies for your family to use. Many parents find it easier to simply use these pre-copied sheets. 
If you already own the Activity Book for Volume 3, then you already have one set of Student Pages in the back of the Activity Book and do not need to purchase an additional set of Student Pages if you have only one student. 
The instructions for the parent or teacher are not included in these Student Pages. Those instructions can only be found in the Activity Book.