Hot Dots® Jr. Ollie - The Talking, Teaching Owl™ Pen

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Hoot Hoot Hoo-ray! Meet Ollie-the Talking, Teaching Owl(TM), the funny feathery version of best-selling Ace-the Talking, Teaching Dog(R) and Kat- the Talking, Teaching Kitty(TM). Ollie works with all Hot Dots and Hot Dots Jr. card sets, providing instantaneous, motivating phrases for correct answers and gentle redirection for incorrect responses. 

  • Playful, interactive learning
  • Offers confidence-building feedback
  • Develops early learning skills necessary for school success
  • Provides ample practice time


  • Ollie is a 6'' talking pen that guides young learners through Hot Dots Jr. cards and learning books
  • Ollie's eyes light up green for correct answers and red for incorrect answers
  • 17 Speech and sound-effect responses
  • For use with Hot Dots Jr. card and book sets
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)