Grammar of Poetry set

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Discover the structures that give poetry its power—rhyme, meter, metaphor, and more—as you learn to read poetry more deeply.

Grammar of Poetry is a video course and textbook that teaches the mechanics of poetry by using the classical approach of imitation.

Designed for the 6–9th grade level, it is also appropriate for older children and adults seeking to achieve a better knowledge of how poetry works. Its goal is to teach your child to analyze not only poetry, but words and language in general. Just as an English course would teach a student the different parts of speech, so also the Grammar of Poetry teaches a student the building blocks of poetry, enabling the student to effectively engage the language of poetry in literature and in non-literal language.

The Student Text is also a workbook. There are multiple exercises for every lesson which incorporate review from previous sections so that the student continues to build on what he has already learned. The pages are perforated allowing the student to remove exercise pages for easier writing.


Includes DVD, Student Text and Teacher's Edition