A Reason For Handwriting Gr 6 Cursive F

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It's a fact! When children enjoy a class, learning is greatly enhanced and retention greatly increased. A Reason For Handwriting ® provides a fun, meaningful approach to developing handwriting skills. Lessons Based on Scripture Verses! Every weekly lesson in A Reason For Handwriting ® is built around one carefully-selected Scripture verse. Verses are chosen not only for proper letter combinations, but also inspirational content. And when children spend the week working on a specific verse, that Scripture becomes locked in their memories for a lifetime! Daily Practice Lasts a Lifetime! A Reason For Handwriting ® focuses on regular, daily practice 10 to 15 minutes of perfecting practice each day! The format is fun, flexible, and easy-to-use for both teacher and student. A complete K - 6th curriculum, A Reason For Handwriting ® offers student desk cards, alphabet wall sheets, letter formation charts, vocabulary lists, daily lesson plans, and much more. Detailed Teacher Guidebooks provide a wealth of enrichment ideas, and help meet both remedial and advanced student needs. Children Love Sharing Scripture! "Scripture Border Sheets" encourage children to use their very best handwriting! At the end of each week, children copy their "Verse of the Week" on a sheet chosen from the back of their workbooks, then use their creative talents to color and decorate it. Finished Border Sheets are perfect for sharing activities: Children take them to nursing home residents; share them with the lonely and discouraged; and mail them to relatives or school board members. Scripture Border Sheets have also been used as church bulletin covers, framed as gifts for grandparents" even laminated as placemats for the kitchen table! In so many ways, these decorated verses remind family and friends each week of the unique benefits of a Scripture-based education.